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7 Days To DiePC, SteamEarly Access$24.99Dec 13, 2013The Fun PimpsPost-Apocalyptics, Zombie, Survival7daystodie.com7.5/10Steam Store
Albion OnlinePC, Android, IOS (Coming Soon)Summer AlphaVariable Early AccessSummer Alpha OngoingSandbox InteractiveTop Down, MMORPG, Economic Simulationalbiononline.comN/AN/A
ARK: Survival EvolvedPC, SteamEarly Access$29.99Jun 2, 2015Studio WildcardPrehistoric, Survivalplayark.comN/ASteam Store
Darkfall: Unholy WarsPC, SteamReleased$14.99 monthly/in game currency selling availableApr 16, 2013AventurineMMORPG, Territory Controldarkfallonline.com7/10Steam Store
Das-TalPCAlpha TestingN/AN/AFairytale DistilleryTop Downdas-tal-game.comN/AN/A
CrowfallPCDevelopmentFree w/Premium MembershipAlpha Late 2015ArtCraft EntertainmentMMORPG, Territory Controlcrowfall.comN/AN/A
Day ZPC, SteamEarly Access$34.99Dec 16, 2013Bohemia InteractiveFirst Person Shooter/ Post Apocalyptic/Survivaldayzdev.tumblr.com6/10Steam Store
Eve OnlinePC, SteamReleased$14.99/month in game time codes availableMay 6, 2003CCPSpace Opera, Economic Simulationeveonline.com9/10Steam Store
FOnline ReloadedPCReleasedFree2014CerberixMMORPG, Post-Apocalypticfonline-reloaded.netN/AN/A
GravPC, SteamEarly Access$19.99Jan 8, 2015BitMonster, Inc.MMORPG, Survival, Base Buildingbitmonstergames.comN/ASteam Store
MinecraftPC, XboxReleased$26.95May 17, 2009MojangSandbox, World Builderminecraft.net9/10N/A
Mortal OnlinePCReleasedN/AJun 9, 2010Star VaultN/Amortalonline.comN/AN/A
Reign of KingsPC, SteamEarly Access$19.99Mar 11, 2015Code}{atchMedievalreignofkings.net6/10Steam Store
Repopulation, ThePC, SteamEarly Access$19.99Dec 19, 2014Above and Beyond TechnologiesMMORPG, Futuretherepopulation.com6.5/10Steam Store
RunescapePCReleasedFree + ShopJan 1, 2001JagexTop Downrunescape.com7.5/10N/A
RustPC, SteamEarly Access$19.99 + Steam Market ItemsDec 11, 2013Face Punch StudiosFirst Person Shooter/ Post Apocalyptic/Survivalplayrust.com9/10Steam Store
SalemPCReleasedFree w/Cash ShopMay 15, 2013Mortal Moments Inc.MMORPGsalemthegame.comN/AN/A
Star Wars Galaxies EmulatorPCReleasedFreeJune 26, 2003Sony Online EntertainmentMMORPG, Star
Ultima OnlinePCReleased$12.99/monthSep 24, 1997EATop Down, MMORPGuo.com9/10N/A
Wurm OnlinePCReleased€ 8.00/monthDec 12, 2012Code Club ABMMORPGwurmonline.comN/AN/A

This website is completely dedicated to providing a list of multiplayer PVP full loot games and providing news and information about those games. Full Loot is a simple concept that simply means, if you kill a player in an online game, you get to take their loot. This concept was popular with games like Ultima Online and Runescape, but has only recently seen a resurgance in the hardcore gaming genre with newer games such as Day Z, Rust and Albion Online.

This site will not follow any games not following the simple multiplayer/full loot criteria. Reviews are currently based on my own personal opinion until a review system is designed. Please leave a comment with corrections and games I should add. I will not add games that are completely unplayable or otherwise just completely terrible. Thank You!

– Adam Rochford

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